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Save your 401(k)!

In the coming year, Congress may continue to focus their efforts on tax reform. The last time Congress passed tax reform in 1986 they cut the 401(k) contribution limit by 70%. And guess what? Proposals are already being considered by Congress today to cut the 401(k) contribution limit again. If that happens, the retirement security for millions of Americans will be jeopardized. I encourage you to visit the website below and send an automated message to your members of Congress. This is easy to do and takes only minutes to help protect the 401(k) as we know it today. Here’s where to go to email your members of Congress: Thank you for your participation. Your action is critical for … Continue reading

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February Independent Investor

Saving for Short-Term Financial Goals Most of us know we need to save for our future goals. Buying a home, providing an education for our children and investing for a secure retirement are the most common long-term savings goals. But what about next year’s vacation, remodeling or refurbishing your house, or buying a second car? You can always just say “charge it.” That is how Americans have amassed billions of dollars in credit card debt. Instead, why not try a new approach? With a little encouragement and guidance, you can begin saving for these short-term needs today. Getting Started The first step in any investment strategy is to develop goals. And the first “must have” goal is to ensure that … Continue reading

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