What Makes a Successful Retirement?

It is more than just saving money for retirement.

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Plan Participant Newsletter

Now Available: Plan Participant Newsletter Q3 2013, your retirement planning newsletter.

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Plan Sponsor Outlook Newsletter

Now Available: Plan Sponsor Newsletter Q3 2013, a current issues resource for Plan Sponsors and Administrators.

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June Independent Investor

How to Work With a Financial Advisor The continuously shifting investment climate, the sheer number of investment products to choose from and the emergence of employee-driven retirement savings plans, such as 401(k) plans, have all contributed to the increased need for qualified financial advice. No matter what your level of investment experience or sophistication, you may benefit from developing a relationship with a financial advisor. Financial Advisor: What’s in a Name? A qualified financial advisor is trained to analyze your personal financial situation and prepare a program designed to help you pursue your financial goals and objectives. It might be helpful to think of your financial advisor as a kind of doctor for your financial health. Financial advisors (also called … Continue reading

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Are You Prepared to Retire?

Retirement used to conjure up images of lazy days spent in a rocking chair. Today’s retirement is very different. You might plan to open a business of your own. Or perhaps you’ll return to school for that degree you never had the chance to complete. So what does this redefined retirement mean to you? There is no one answer. In the coming decades, “retirement” will mean something different to each of us. Regardless of your decision, you’ll need to design a financial plan suited to your specific vision of the future. Income Is Key A good starting point might be to examine your sources of retirement income. If you pay attention to the financial press, you’ve probably come across at … Continue reading

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Event: Unlocking Social Security

Unlocking Social Security – I have a question!  Monday, June 10 Towson Library Meeting Room   To learn more about Social Security and how it can play an important role in your retirement income planning, join us at our June 10th event.   When should I start taking my benefits?  What amount will I receive?  How will I pay for long term care at home or in a facility if Social Security/Medicare benefits are not available or are insufficient to cover expenses? Have a question?  Find an answer!   Monday, June 10  6:00-8:30PM  (RSVP by June 3) Towson Library Meeting Room   If you are over Age 30, it is important for you to look ahead to what retirement will … Continue reading

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April Independent Investor

Asked and Answered: Key Questions About Retirement Income Planning Managing money in retirement involves decisions about withdrawal rates, asset allocation and a host of other factors that will impact your lifestyle and how long your assets will last. Following are some straightforward answers to commonly asked questions about planning for income needs in retirement. When should I begin thinking about tapping my retirement assets and how should I go about doing so? The answer to this question depends on when you expect to retire. Assuming you expect to retire between the ages of 62 and 67, you may want to begin the planning process in your mid- to late 50s. A series of meetings with a financial advisor may help … Continue reading

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Save your 401(k)!

In the coming year, Congress may continue to focus their efforts on tax reform. The last time Congress passed tax reform in 1986 they cut the 401(k) contribution limit by 70%. And guess what? Proposals are already being considered by Congress today to cut the 401(k) contribution limit again. If that happens, the retirement security for millions of Americans will be jeopardized. I encourage you to visit the website below and send an automated message to your members of Congress. This is easy to do and takes only minutes to help protect the 401(k) as we know it today. Here’s where to go to email your members of Congress: www.savemy401k.com Thank you for your participation. Your action is critical for … Continue reading

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