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July Independent Investor

Incentive Trusts–Keeping a Steady Hand on the Tiller A good legacy may work wonders for those left behind, but you may feel that your heirs need more than just financial benefit from your estate. If you would like to provide direction to your heirs and help ensure that they pursue important life goals, you may consider including incentive trusts in your estate plans. How far can you go in using your estate to provide rewards for actions and behaviors you would like to see carried out by your heirs? You will probably find yourself limited more by your imagination and ability to foresee circumstances than by legal constraints. Where You Can Focus Your Legacy Following are some themes commonly contained … Continue reading

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Plan Participant Newsletter

Now Available: Plan Participant Newsletter Q3 2013, your retirement planning newsletter.

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Plan Sponsor Outlook Newsletter

Now Available: Plan Sponsor Newsletter Q3 2013, a current issues resource for Plan Sponsors and Administrators.

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Five Ways to Help Measure Investment Risk

Investors who are concerned about market volatility should examine their investment choices from all angles when constructing a portfolio — evaluating not only return, but risk too. There are a variety of risk measures that may come in handy. Of course, numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they may help you determine whether owning a particular investment is consistent with your personal risk tolerance. You and your financial advisor may want to review the following risk measures: Alpha is a measure of investment performance that factors in the risk associated with the specific security or portfolio, rather than the overall market (or correlated benchmark). It is a way of calculating so-called “excess return” — that portion of investment performance … Continue reading

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Converging on the Paths of Least Resistance

The performance of the markets is likely to converge in the second half of the year on a path that likely holds modest gains*. The return of volatility will also be a key characteristic of the second half as markets follow a path with ups and downs. In our Outlook 2013: The Path of Least Resistance, published in November of 2012, we laid out three paths the markets could follow in 2013 as the path of least resistance: bull, bear, and base. •                    On the bull path, obstacles are overcome and investors embrace market opportunities and drive up valuations. •                    On the bear path, fiscal policy results in a much weaker economic backdrop and markets plunge. •                    On the base … Continue reading

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