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Singular Financial Advice for Single Parents

Recently, during a conversation with a single-parent friend, I realized I’d been overlooking a significant segment of my reading audience in this column. Lots of you are raising children by yourselves and might benefit from financial advice specific to your unique needs. When you complete your tax return each year, remember that your child’s Social Security number will be included on the form. If you need to change your filing status—perhaps from single or, if recently divorced, from married, to head of household—be sure to do so. Consult with your accountant, if you have one, prior to submitting your return to be sure what you are indicating on your forms is proper and most advantageous based on your family’s situation. … Continue reading

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March Independent Investor

Small-Business Financing: Debt vs. Equity Business owners who seek financing face a fundamental choice: Should they borrow funds or take in new investment capital? Since debt and equity are accounted for differently, each has a different impact on earnings, cash flow and taxes. Each also has a different effect on leverage, dilution of ownership and a host of other metrics by which businesses are measured. The planned use of funds will also affect the choice of financing, with one option more appropriate for certain uses than the other. Debt Debt can be a loan, line of credit, bond or even an IOU–any promise to repay borrowed amounts over a certain time with a specified interest rate and other terms. Debt … Continue reading

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