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Outlook 2013: The Oath of Least Resistance

In 2013, many different forces will combine to influence the direction of the markets to follow the path of least resistance leading to modest single-digit returns in the U.S. stock and bond markets.*  The path for the year may be set at the end of 2012, or in early 2013, as critical decisions are implemented: Washington will likely finally rise to the challenge of this self-imposed crisis and form the compromise between the parties that will meet the least resistance — extending some of the Bush-era tax cuts and cancelling some of the scheduled spending cuts.  However, going down this path risks delaying progress toward a more permanent solution that makes the government’s finances sustainable.   The Federal Reserve (Fed) … Continue reading

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Making a Charitable Choice

The greatest benefit of charitable giving is the knowledge that you’ve made a positive contribution to others. At the same time, charitable giving can also provide tax breaks so long as you are aware of some rules and keep track of what you’ve donated.   Choosing a Charity The first step is to identify an organization you wish to support. There are thousands of charitable organizations to choose from, supporting such causes as environmental protection, curing illness or improving the lives of children. Start by identifying what is most important to you.   Next, you will want to do some research. If you want to claim a tax deduction for your gift, you’ll need to make sure that you are … Continue reading

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